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Parker Russell Singapore offers a comprehensive business valuation service that considers essential factors such as the nature of the business and its intellectual properties, the company history, shareholder structure, and its financial performance in the determination of the equity value to potential buyer or seller. Our valuers apply international standards and draw on their rich experience across various sectors when forming an expert opinion of the target company.

Assessing a merger and acquisition (M&A) deal or rationalising an investment? If a proper valuation is not performed on the focus asset or business unit, your company can, unknowingly, be at the losing end of the deal. Getting a proper business valuation report done would ensure fair trade.

Has a strategic partnership reached the end of the road and dissolution is on the horizon? A business valuation would help you maximise the portion of profits your company should be receiving or minimise the losses to cover when the business closure is fully resolved.

Does your start-up require cash injection or investments from interested angels or investors? Are you using your company’s intangible assets as part of the collateral for external financing? Your business will need to be valued to determine its worth and potential so that you can make informed decisions about the financial instruments to adopt.

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Determining the worth of a business

Parker Russell Singapore analyses the business and applies appropriate methodologies whether it is to determine the investment value, fair market value, or fair value according to the financial reporting standards of the business.

So, instead of making guesses and leaving things to chance, let the qualified specialists in our corporate services team crunch the numbers, perform the analyses, and provide you the real worth of the business that you are evaluating.

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Seeking an expert business valuation service? Choose Parker Russell Singapore

Let us help you take a look at the business before you take the leap.

Qualified professionals

As a new entrepreneur or an investor, understanding the worth of a business is challenging, especially when it is loss-making. However, we know its bank account may not represent the true value of a company. Parker Russell Singapore’s valuers are able to apply a multi-angled perspective and identify obscure, even hidden assets and tag a price to them.

One-stop service

If you require any services apart from business valuation, our one-stop service will ease your mind. Instead of working with different vendors, entrust us with your incorporation, tax, or accounting and audit functions. Begin your journey to business success with Parker Russell Singapore as your administrative partner and consultant, all rolled into one.

Extensive network

Local market conditions play a part in business valuation. Tap into Parker Russell’s extensive network of local experts to work on the appraisals you require. Similarly, if you are based overseas and require advice or valuation service for a business here, Parker Russell Singapore will be able to get the job expertly done, to your satisfaction.

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