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Government bodies and listed companies count as our clients in Singapore - a clear testament of our expertise and reliability

Parker Russell Singapore provides corporate secretarial services to comply with Companies Act for the sound running of businesses. As a licensed company secretary, we are entrusted by organisations, big and small, to assist them in meeting their regulatory requirements.

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Company secretarial service

Company Secretary is a statutory requirement for Singapore companies and once appointed is considered an officer of the company. Within 6 months of business incorporation, the company must appoint a company secretary, and he or she has to be a person residing in Singapore.

The company secretary is responsible for the administration of the company. This includes ensuring the company adheres to the latest regulations, follows proper due processes, and meets filing requirements when necessary.

Most small businesses engage professional company secretary services instead of employing a full-time chartered secretary.

Parker Russell Singapore services proactively monitor local laws and regulations to ensure our clients comply with them. Our customers do not have to worry about running afoul of the law due to oversight.

Consultant rendering corporate secretarial service

Nominee Director & Shareholder service

Foreign companies engage Parker Russell Singapore’s nominee director services. Every company in Singapore needs to appoint at least 1 local company director – this person must be either a Singapore citizen or permanent resident with a locally registered home address.

Many foreign companies delay the commencement of their operations here because they are unable to find a suitable candidate who can fulfil the director requirement.

As the role comes with executive powers, appointing an employee as a company director, especially a person in a junior position, may not be in the best interest of the business. The employee may also gain access to confidential documents that he or she should not be privy to, such as bank statements.

Engaging corporate services provider – Parker Russell Singapore – to fill the nominee director role avoids employee involvement. Plus, we will keep you abreast of regulatory obligations stipulated by the authorities.

A nominee director can also act as a nominee shareholder. As the title suggests, a nominee shareholder only appears to hold the company’s shares. Online searches only reveal the names of nominee shareholders instead of actual ones. Our nominee shareholder service will ensure your privacy without risking share ownership.

Parker Russell Singapore's Tia Poh Koon acting as nominee director/shareholder

Registered address service

A registered address is mandatory under the Companies Act in Singapore. A local office address where mail can be sent to and managed is needed for a business to be incorporated.

A new start-up or a foreign company might not have a physical location that meets regulatory requirements. Renting an office can be costly especially when your staff members mostly work at remote locations.

Some businesses may consider using a home address. But there are types of businesses where registering a residential address is not permitted. Also, a home address made public leads to loss of personal privacy.

Overcome these challenges with Parker Russell Singapore’s registered address service for company incorporation. We also provide mail forwarding to redirect all important notices to your specified address.

Parker Russell Singapore staff member registering client's business address

Payroll service

Payroll service is essential to business operations as you want to make sure employees are paid on time and accurately.

The Employment Act governs payment of employees’ salaries and record-keeping – errant employers are penalised. As a business owner, you need to stay updated with employee payroll requirements. However, keeping current on updates and changes to local labour policies can be an uphill task.

Avoid penalties by tapping on Parker Russell Singapore’s professional payroll services. Our services include salary computation, salary disbursements through bank accounts, payslips generation, and expense claims and annual leave administration. For companies hiring Singaporeans or permanent residents, we can also take care of periodic Central Provident Fund (CPF) records submissions.

Engage Parker Russell Singapore so you do not have to spend time and effort to ensure government rules are adhered to, yet still risk non-compliance. You protect yourself from unwanted penalties.

Parker Russell Singapore payroll service team members at work

Seeking reliable corporate secretarial services? Choose Parker Russell Singapore

Are you looking for a company secretary in Singapore to assist in corporate governance and compliance? Parker Russell Singapore’s services provide tremendous benefits.

In-depth local knowledge

Singapore is pro-business and incentives in establishing your base here are plentiful. But there is a set of regulatory framework that companies have to adhere to when developing businesses here. Let Parker Russell Singapore’s chartered secretaries support you with our in-depth local knowledge. You have the ideas, let us place the foundations.

Proactive internal support

Our teams do not work in silos, they collaborate to ensure you stay on top of administrative matters and help you keep your business up and running. Instead of spending time and resources finding the right people to hire, engage Parker Russell Singapore because, collectively, we are multi-disciplined and utterly experienced.

One-stop solution

From company incorporation to payroll services, we take care of them all. Communicating with several professional services provider offering only one area of specialisation siphons time better spent on running your business away from you. Parker Russell Singapore will provide you great convenience and peace of mind.

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